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HKD’s process simulation involves oil & gas, LNG, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical, power plant & station, nuclear power and other process industries. HKD has achieved accredited certification ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system. As a high-tech and the “double soft” qualifications company, HKD has developed more than 200 simulation software with independent intellectual property authority. HKD can provide high-fidelity DES, OTS, PMS and other services for global customers.

HKD provides the following computer applications and services:

  • PC based dynamic simulation platform and operator training simulator
  • Virtual Reality Training System and its application in Safe
  • Real time process data management system
  • Process monitoring and prediction system
  • DCS/SIS/CCS/DEH emulation system and emulation keyboard
  • Various typical process OTS products
  • The engineering and service for college training device construction
  • Complex equipment disassembly and assembly drilling 3D platform
  • Courseware about various equipment and safety knowledge
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global process licensor becomes HKD’s partner 3D VR technology application in Russia
测试验收 伊拉克
Support OTS services for operation skills contest Provided technical training for customers
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