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    Beijing Huakangda Computer Application Technology Co., Ltd. (HKD) is based in Beijing, and owns Xi'an Branch. As one of the leading domestic experts and providers, HKD has developed more than 200 software products with property authority and completed the customer OTS projects of nearly 1000 actual processes/ Moreover, HKD has developed more than 200 typical process standard OTSs, provided OTS products application for the training bases of dozens of domestic colleges and universities since its establishment. With the promotion of network technology, HKD has carried out OTS Internet training application and online services for its domestic customers, over many years.

    Today, HKD is not only a process OTS supplier in the field of energy industry in China, but is also an engineering service centre of CORYS in the Asia-Pacific region, undertaking its engineering simulation service to the global world.

    To meet the customer’s requirements, HKD employs people who are qualified in the fields of chemical engineering, petrochemical, automatic control, computer science, network technology, 3D virtual reality, occupational safety, energy engineering, and power engineering to meet the customers’ requirements.

    HKD is a CORYS subsidiary, a French simulation company owned by Framatome (50%), EDF (25%) and IFP Training (25%).


    CORYS has its headquarters in Grenoble (France) with subsidiaries in the United-States (CORYS Inc. in Jacksonville & Houston), China (HKD in Beijing & Xi’an), India (CORYS Simulation Systems Pvt Ltd in Pune) and Cyprus (CORYS Simulation Middle East). The company has been supplying training and engineering simulators for more than 30 years to the Rail, Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas and Chemical industries using engineering grade modelling tools, virtual environments and control room replica and/or emulations.

    CORYS is today an established leader of replica dynamic simulators with over 3700 simulators delivered worldwide. CORYS employs 360 engineers and scientists worldwide and has revenues of 60m€.

    CORYS, as a IFP Training subsidiary, is engaged in process simulation research and control simulation, not only to provide the service of dynamic simulation study for process technology, also provides products or services on dynamic engineering study (DES), operation simulation training (OTS), and production management (PMS) for various international oil & gas, petrochemical enterprises.

    IFP Training is dedicated to the oil and gas industry professionals, chemical and engine industries, and participates in the broadening of knowledge and the development of skills of 15,000 professionals per year, in more than 80 countries. Through high-quality training, the company enables its customers to improve the performance and safety of their operations. Today, IFP Training provides the only global solution for high quality training combining in a unique way high-fidelity simulators, generic or specific (CORYS), and training programs.

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