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    Enterprise Simulation Training management Network

    ESTW (Enterprise Simulation Training management Network) is a simulation training management system that based on enterprise intranet / internet

    ESTW can be used to manage the application of OTS products developed by GPRES and the information of trainees training. ESTW provides a convenient, efficient, and practical management solution for the enterprise OTS application. ESTW is built based on the B/S and SQL server DBMS, and is easy to be used, managed and maintained. Most customers think its HMI was simple, friendly and practical.


    The main functions of ESTW including:

    • OTS information management
    • Training plan management
    • Training resource management
    • Bulletin board function
    • System management facilities
    • Department management of OTS application
    • Trainee management of OTS application
    • Training course and examination management
    • Internet and mobile web functions
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