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    Process dynamic simulation

    GPRES - Dynamic Simulation Platform:

    GPRES (General Process Rigorous Engineering System) is a platform, which is for industry real-time information processing and model development. The software uses the internationally popular object-oriented modeling methods to establish the process dynamic simulation model, base on industrial equipments, the first principle, and operating procedures. GPRES achieved interactive development online mode, greatly facilitated the dynamic simulation of the process industry, information processing and control management system. GPRES is open-ended, can be connected to a variety of third-party software, such as VMG, classical thermodynamic software; can be linked with the actual DCS system via OPC; can be integrated with MES, ERP, or other plant information systems. The combination of GPRES and virtual reality simulation software (VESSA) forms a virtual plant with “a process model + DCS Emulation/Stimulation + 3D interface for actual plant scene”. For the OTS application, GPRES also provides an evaluation system to value trainee’s operation level. It is a reliable quantitative tool for an overall assessment of the professional skills.

    The main application:

    • Development of dynamic simulation system for refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power plants, paper, pharmaceutical and other process industries.
    • The operation training and assessment tools for enterprises, vocation school, college, professional training center
    • Control loop scheme study and off-line testing.
    • “what if” analysis and process optimization design research
    • Combined with virtual reality simulation and disaster modeling techniques, make the drill of safety emergence plans, the exercises of plant patrol inspection, and the analysis of Hazard design.
    The refining and petrochemical process simulationOperation training in CCR

    GPRES’s solution for the process control:

    • TDC-3000/GUS/PKS/TPS
    • Foxboro I/A
    • PROVOX / DeltaV
    • 800XA / AC800F / Bailey
    • ECS100 / ECS700 / JX-300
    • Smart-PRO
    • Triconex / ITCC

    Highlights of HKD process simulation technology:

    HKD is the earliest company that advocates combining process simulation and virtual reality, and is the first to put this idea into practice. HKD combines the independent process simulation system GPRES with the virtual reality simulation software (VESSA), and forms the process dynamic simulation system of "process model +DCS emulation /stimulation + 3D scene operation interface", which has the international advanced level, it is the highlight of HKD simulation technology.

    DCS emulationFOD for OTS
    Modeling BuilderLogic control modelling
    Evaluation system configuration interfaceThe trainee’s score record

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